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Hey, this is Napkin Notes: the only newsletter Drake skims at a Saint Patty's Day party to see which startups are eyeing up his OVO market share

Also, we wanted to apologize.

We dropped the ball and had to send out a later newsletter than normal today. But, if were honest. It was for good reason:

  • Reason 1: we literally just wrapped up a fire AMA with Wes Kao (you can watch the recording here) where she shared her kick-ass content hacks and founder frameworks with our community

  • Reason 2: we justttttt confirmed Andrew Wilkinson (Tiny), Michele Romenow (Clearco) and Peter Pham (Liquid Death) to speak at our VC Battle Royale event happening April 24th. So go save the date here so you can meet em.

Last but not least, our AMA with Sam Parr and Ryan Holmes is on Tuesday at 1pm PST.

Why the hell should you be there? Great question, Natasha.

  • Theyre Marketing Pros: Together theyve earned 3 million followers on social and will share about their brand-building journey

  • Theyre Wise Investors: As a duo, theyve invested in 300+ different startups and theyre gonna share what they look for in big ideas they back

  • Theyve Been In Your Shoes: as they both have exp being early-stage founders, operators and now investors

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Now, lets get down to business.

Accelerators Writing the Most Checks

Accelerators usually dont make a ton of money. But these 10 make so much cash-ola that they invest it into their own alumni:

Celebrities Writing the Most Checks

Celebrities usually focus on their acting. But these 15 focus on getting on your cap table:

Wanna get your startup idea in front of 100s of investors?

P.S. Applications close at 5 pm on March 15th

So act quick.

Startup Ideas of the Week

Since were hosting Sam Parr for an AMA next Tuesday (RSVP here), we thought itd only be fair to share some podcast startup ideas that are getting upvotes on Kernal.

Let us know which ones your fav. Better yet, go up-vote, comment or reach out to the ideator to share your feedback.

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Reminder of the Week

From the founder of AngelList:

The Kernal Fam

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