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🥁T-2 Hours Until Sam Parr and Ryan Holmes Hit the Stage

You gonna be there?

Ever regretted something in your life so bad it kept you up all night? It sucks. But you learn from it.

Well, you’re about to feel that same feeling today.

You thought you were too busy to RSVP to the virtual pitch event Sam and Ryan are hosting in 2 hours and now you’ve got a mediocrely important meeting at the same time.

That’s a rock in a hard place. But there’s a way out.

Call in sick to the meeting and RSVP.

It's not every day you get to ask a question to 2 founders that’ve:

  • 🎧 Scaled a podcast to millions of listeners per month

  • 📈 Grew a small startup idea to 1,000+ staff and $200M in ARR

  • 💸 Sold a media venture to Hubspot (worth $30B) in 4 years time

And wanna know the best part?

Sam and Ryan started their journey with the same laptop, wifi and cheap instant noodles you did. They’ve been in your shoes. And they wanna help.

So, what door are you gonna walk through today?

  • 🚪 Door 1: Regret missing an event of your dreams and attend a Zoom meeting that’s 3/10 on the importance scale


  • 🚪Door 2: RSVP to hangout with 2 legends and hear some advice/pitches that could spark a whole new chapter for you

You know what to do.

P.S. Can’t make this one? We’ll forgive you if you join our next event with A-Wilks, Michele Romenow, Peter Pham and Ryan Holmes happening on April 24th

💚 See you soon,

The Kernal Fam

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