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🥊 Startup Ideas to Build if Elon and Zuck Fight

How much the fight would be worth and where the opportunities are hiding

☕️ Welcome back to our Friday newsletter: the “hold me back” friend when you tell everyone you’re gonna fight the best MMA fighter in your school.

📰 Latest news: Everyone’s placing bets on Elon and Zuck’s fight. 40,000 founders/VCs hung out at Collision this week. Apple’s stock hit a record high. OpenAI’s opening shop in London. Air quality is horrible from the fires. And there’s an 87% chance you’re seeing Indiana Jones with your dad this weekend.

Enough small talk, let’s hit the goods 👇

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🥊 How Valuable is the Elon vs Zuck Fight?

That’s what a lot of people have been thinking ever since these two tech CEOs have been beefing over social media. The answer?

The President of UFC, Dana White expects the Musk-Zuckerberg ‘cage match’ paper view would cost $100 per person, which would likely bring in over $1 billion of sales.

He even told a media source “This would be the biggest fight ever in the history of the world”.

Dana went on to say: “The previous pay-per-view to break the record for the highest revenue in history was the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather in 2017, which brought in more than $600 million in revenue.”

With two tech CEOs both ranking as one of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world, this is sure to draw the biggest crowd the sport has seen.

The bigger question their lawyers are likely debating: what happens if one of them gets hurt?

The matchup might be stacked to one side, but both of them carry a considerable amount of value at their companies.

Regardless if the fight happens or not, let’s hit the brainstorming pad to see what startup ideas founders could spin up to maximize the site traffic such a fight would draw in:

📣 Fan Engagement and Betting App: With such a crowd, someone could build an interactive mobile app that engages fans before, during, and after the fight. It could offer features like live polling, predictions, and trivia games, allowing viewers to participate and compete against each other. Enable users to place bets on various aspects of the fight, such as the winner, round outcomes, or performance metrics, and generate revenue through a commission on betting transactions.

👕 Merchandise and Collectibles Marketplace: Leading up to the fight, you could establish an online marketplace where fans can purchase official merchandise, memorabilia, and limited-edition collectibles related to the fight. You could have real-time quotes or custom lines fans want to be included pasted right onto hats, socks, shifts and hoodies. You could wholesale the swag out to big events and media partners to let them sell it to their audience. You could even consider incorporating blockchain technology for the authentication and verification of rare collectibles.

🤳🏾 Influencer Partnerships and Marketing Campaigns: If you’re a content creator or in the marketing world, you could forge partnerships with prominent influencers and celebrities to promote parts of the fight or associated products and services to the audience. Utilize their reach and influence to create engaging content, sponsorships, endorsements, and giveaways, thereby amplifying the buzz and driving more attention to your startup.

P.S. It looks like a couple clever domains are still available… 👇

🎥 Spin up a Documentary of the fight: Throwing in a dose of Ryan Reynolds magic, make the Wrexham of a UFC story. Try to connect with Zuck or Elon’s marketing team to ask if you can bring your camera crew or digital agency into their day-to-day schedule to start recording the before, during and after the day of the big fight. Give them a split of royalties earned on any of your media revenue. Then at the end, try to sell your content film to a big network like Apple TV, Netflix etc.

💸 Insurance for Billionaires: last startup idea, build an insurance company that will cover both fighters in the ring of that day:

That’s it for our idea spitball.

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