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Today’s outline will be:

  • 📰 Some Startup News

  • 📌 Solopreneurs Crushing It

  • 💡 Startup Ideas to Vote On

  • 📸 Visuals of the Week

Enough jibber-jabber, let’s get to it.

📰 Startup News:

Blackrock announced they’re acquiring GIP ($100B AUM). Sam Altman got married. Google and Pixar are laying off staff. T-Swift is still with that football guy. Bill Ackman’s back in the headlines. Global EV sales increased by 31% in 2023. MLK day is Monday. Ski slopes are getting crowded. And FWIW, we’re still long on espresso martinis at team Kernal ☕️

What are you long on for 2024?

What are you long on for 2024?

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📌 Solopreneurs Can Crush It Too

Raising boat loads of VCs is epic and all. But it’s not for everyone. Some people have a lifestyle business or highly scalable startup idea that can be run by 1 person or less.

Sam and Shaan from MFM brook a few legendary ones down a little while ago. And we wanted to re-share the favourites and some starting points of their playbooks you can steal.

  1. Biggest One-Person Business - Stardew Valley, Streamyard, and Plenty of Fish

  2. Highest Degree of Difficulty - TinyWow and Photopea

  3. Most Fun: Joe Rogan and Gym Streak

  4. Rookie of the Year: Joseph Mambwe and Only Finder

  5. Worst of the Best: The Van Trump Report

  6. Business You Would Most Want to Own: Milled and BuiltWith

  7. (And our personal favourite) Easiest to Recreate: GetCyberLeads, Lenny Rachitsky, and Marketing Examples

So there ya go.

Some handy-dandy inspo to kick off your 2024.

Give them a look or listen to the full podcast and let us know what you think.

Also, you can steal this neat 20 page PDF from the hustle on how to scale your solopreneur business

🍾 Startup Ideas of the Week

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☕️ Our Goal Setting Guide for 2024

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