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  • ⏰ 550 Investors Have RSVP'd to Battle Royale April 24th. Feeling the FOMO?

⏰ 550 Investors Have RSVP'd to Battle Royale April 24th. Feeling the FOMO?

Grab your seat while you still can

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Hey, this is Napkin Notes: the only newsletter that earned a keynote shoutout when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010*

*okay, okay, we didn’t score a shoutout by Steve. Hell, we weren’t even around in 2010. But we could bet all of Bitcoin savings that S-Jobs would be a die-hard Napkin Notes reader if he was still around today.

I mean, what other newsletter can round up 550 RSVPs for a demo day with a couple of shoutouts? 🤷‍♀️

Speaking of that. You gonna be there?


Before we jump to our main meal of the day, let’s hear from our besties at Hubspot.

Want to get the most out of ChatGPT?

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Today we’re finally introducing you to the 4 founders pitching our VC panel. It wasn’t easy to pick them from the list of 100+ applicants.

But we’re confident these final 4 are one for the history books.

Ready to meet ‘em? 👂

  • One liner: Blossom is a social app where over 120,000 investors are sharing portfolios, trades, and investment ideas

  • Notable investors: Ryan Holmes (LOI Venture), Goodwater, and Pareto Holdings alongside incredible angel investors from Google/McKinsey

  • Context: Unlike Reddit, Discord, or other social apps, on Blossom the community shares exactly what they are investing in, verified by their linked brokerage accounts (your profile is your portfolio).

  • Traction: $700,000 in ARR, 42,000 MAU, 3,000 paying users. Massive influencer network

  • Raise: They’re raising $400K at the pitch event

  • One liner: Smarty is an AI-powered executive assistant in the form of a conversational calendar

  • Context: She’s ex-Microsoft, MIT, Harvard business school and a productivity enthusiast trying to fix the chaos of everyone using 10 ducted-taped AI tools together

  • Metrics: 8,000 customers, $0 CAC, 70% retention of paying customers, $240K ARR revenue for 2024

  • Raise: They’re looking to drum up $400K at the pitch event

  • One liner: Mindset is disrupting the disability insurance application process so people get access in 45 minutes vs. 2~ weeks

  • Context: 17 million Americans with a serious mental illness(smi) could qualify for an average of $1,500 per month in disability benefits. Once approved, they could receive Medicaid, Medicare and SNAP(food stamps).

  • Metrics: team is 40 people strong, and they have a stacked advisory board, Peter Pham from Liquid Death is leading their Series A

  • Raise: They’re raising $500K at the pitch event

  • One-liner: Selling a business is archaic, expensive, and ineffective. DealBuilder fixes that.

  • Context: Due to COVID and Baby Boomers retiring, business exits are set to increase significantly. Why isn’t there a simple platform to facilitate the buy/sell side of business exits

  • Metrics: $300m of deal value on the platform, Andrew Wilkinson / Tiny have invested, and their team’s burn is very low.

  • Raise: They’re raising $400K at the pitch event to scale

  • She’s pitched on Dragon’s Den

  • Won Forbes 30 Under 30

  • Passed 50 million views on TikTok

  • And been covered in 100+ news articles/video interviews

She’ll be leading the charge at the Battle Royale event as our event host and we can’t wait to hear the jokes and one-liners to follow

If you are a founder who wants to pitch or a VC/angel that wants to be on our panel, reply to this email and let us know.

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Curiosity always wins

💚 The Kernal Fam

P.S. If you haven’t RSVP’d to our April 24th demo day with Andrew, Michele, Peter and Ryan, join 400 others and sign up now

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