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  • 💰 50 Ways to Make $50k/mo Leveraging ChatGPT4

💰 50 Ways to Make $50k/mo Leveraging ChatGPT4

Got time to build a startup? Browse these tweets, difficulty ranking and profit expectation before you make the dive.

Hey Founders,

☕️ Welcome back to our Friday newsletter: the portable charger for your XL headphones so that you never run out of startup ideas 🎧

📰 Latest news: Threads (Twitter’s new copycat rival) is the fastest-growing product since chatGPT. Indiana Jones copped $130m. T-Swift’s on pace to earn $1B+ in tour sales. Zuck and Elon's fight may happen in Rome’s Colosseum. Softbank invested $140B into AI. Apple hit a $3T+ valuation. And you stilllll need to airdrop those Canada Day / July 4th selfies to your besties. 🎆 

Enough talk about the news, let’s roll down the window, Georgia Florida line style and cruise 🎶

🍽 Today's Menu:

  • 💡 50 Ways to Make $50k/mo Leveraging ChatGPT4

  • 📖 Paul Graham’s Tips on How To Do Great Work

  • 🛠 Next steps to build out some AI ideas

  • 🐦 Tweets to text your founder group chat

Last week, “chilling at the beach” won as the top summer activity. This week, we’re getting political. Pick your winner for the E vs Z matchup:

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Now onto our meat and potatoes of the newsletter.

💡 50 Ways to Make $50k MRR w/ ChatGPT

Close your eyes for a second. C’mon, don’t cheat, close ‘em for real! 🙈

Alright… now imagine for a second that your fam at Kernal had access to 50+ ways you could spin up $50K/mo using ChatGPT4.

Imagine it was a list they handed you that you could easily sort by:

  • 📈 difficulty level

  • 🔎 domain expertise

  • 💸 and income potential to make sure it was worth your energy

And for bonus points, imagine it was say, colour-coded and on a beautiful notion page you could share with a co-founder.

Okay, now open your eyes. 👀

We couldn’t keep this a secret. We just had to share it with you. We found the list from our friend Tibo and just had to share the good news.

Except there’s something even cooler. Instead of 50 ideas, it has 80. All you gotta do is:

  • click the list

  • filter your preferences

  • pick a startup idea up your alley

  • then post it on Kernal to get feedback on it

So take your time, make yourself at home, and enjoy the treat.

🚀 Top AI Startup Ideas Catching Our Eye

Just one last thing.

Before you get building a ChatGPT startup idea: you may wanna take some advice from one of the GOATs 🐐

By GOAT, we’re referring to none other than Paul Graham, the co-founder of YCombinator.

He has some spicy articles our team loves to re-read. And he just dropped a new one so fresh that the ink is still drying. So to get in his good books, we thought we’d spotlight it to go along with your building journey.

Scroll below to get the Cole’s notes. 👇

👂 P-Graham’s Take on Doing Great Work

First things first: anyone with a Gettyimages logo on their photo is the real deal. And our boi, P-Graham’s got one. So listen to what he’s got to say.

Here’s our fav quotes form his most recent blog “How to Do Great Work

Context: the article provides a recipe for ambitious people to do great work in any field. Some DJ-Khaled major keys we were hit by:

  1. 🔑 Chase the interesting: “When in doubt, optimize for interestingness”: founders should choose a field that they have a natural aptitude for and a deep interest in

  2. 🔑 Build your own side projects: “If you do manage to do great work one day, it will probably be on a project of your own. It may be within some bigger project, but you'll be driving your part of it”: founders should develop a habit of working on their own projects.

  3. 🔑 Stay curious: “Curiosity is the key to all four steps in doing great work: it will choose the field for you, get you to the frontier, cause you to notice the gaps in it, and drive you to explore them. The whole process is a kind of dance with curiosity.”

Conclusion “Four steps: choose a field, learn enough to get to the frontier, notice gaps, and explore promising ones. This is how practically everyone who's done great work has done it, from painters to physicists.”

That’s the Cole’s notes kids. Hungry for the full piece? You know what to do.

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