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🛠 50 Startup Ideas a $100m CEO Wants Built

And how the heck you can go build them if you have spare time this weekend

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  • 🛠 50 startup ideas that a $100m CEO wants built

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🛠 50 Startup Ideas a $100m CEO Shared

You read that right. The Founder and CEO of CB Insights, Anand Sanwal, has been chewing on these startup ideas for years.

And he just let them free.

So we did what an eager early-stage startup team would do when a dream user says something that perfectly lines up with their product offering.

We reached out with a tweet.

And guess what. *He made a Kernal account.

*By “he” I mean we. And by “made”, we mean your fam at Kernal manually drummed up a Kernal account for him and DM’d a username/password for him to post some of his startup ideas on the platform.

Time will tell if he replies to our DM. But either way, we love that he shared 50 ideas out in the wild.

He’s too busy with his $100m+ startup idea working called CB Insights to worry about the other 50 and that’s exactly the kinda ideators we wanna attract to Kernal.

Since he can’t build them. You should. Click here to see his google slides of 50 startup ideas.

Wanna know the best ones to build? Skim the favourites that Jakob Greenfeld wrote about the other day:

  1. “Is there a marketplace where banking, equity research, PE, VC, etc analysts can share or sell their financial models for companies, markets, etc?”

  2. “Royalty- or revenue-based financing for freelance writers, analysts or researchers building subscription products/brands (Substack or otherwise)”

  1. A board of directors search platform that helps startups find external board members who have operating experience (not investors) - by industry - who’s taken companies to a certain scale - in specific functions - within certain geographies s If can search for diverse potential BoDs, big +”

  2. D2C startup idea: The Nike of baby diapers. Create super high-performance, premium diapers”

  1. “'buyable' Google doc travel itineraries 1. Friends often share their travel planning Google docs. "Here's my Iceland doc" 2. Since they're friends, I trust their taste/judgment 3. LM just buy the whole itinerary with a 'buy now' button”

  2. “a Glassdoor for tech cos to evaluate and see ratings of advisors/service providers like lawyers, bankers, and accountants. I remember when starting CB Insights, our first lawyer was this guy who did real estate law. I had no idea there were firms and lawyers that specialized in helping technology companies. When you’re looking to sell your company or do acquisitions, how do you know which i-banker might be relevant to your situation?”

Wanna build one of these startup ideas?

  1. Join the startup group we spun up for Anand Sanwal

  2. Pick one of his ideas and post it here for everyone to see

  3. Tweet Anand to thank him for the great startup idea

  4. Reply to this email and we’ll feature some next week

Fresh Startup Ideas 

  • Cashew’s mission: make work more social so all employees can flourish and feel connected to their teams.

  • Opportunity: $39 billion market opportunity with a 13.4 CAGR.

  • Problem: Hybrid teams struggle to make meaningful connections.

  • Solution: Challenges that bring us closer together and build trust among coworkers.

  • Customers: Hybrid and remote-first organizations that have teams of at least ten people.

  • Click below to learn more

Why we like it: passed 20K MRR recently and has a strong community buzz of early true fans

Why it’s unique: Walter reminds us this is a high-value market valued at $150B-$300B to solve a problem in

Tap below to learn more about the project.

One-liner: Beseek is designed for growth enthusiasts who are seeking greatness in their personal life, career growth, and business growth. Beseek provides you with a quick and efficient way to consume valuable content without sacrificing too much of your valuable time.

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🏆 Member of the Week:

Marlina Kinnersely is making a dent in the startup world. And we highly recommend you read up on her story if you haven’t already.

If only there was a spot you could learn about her early journey as founder instead of scrolling all her tweets, IG posts, Tik Toks and press releases. Oh, wait. There is. And it’s right here thanks to Sonia.

Dive in and let us know what you think.

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