🤫 5 Things AI Can't Do For Founders

And why you should keep doing them yourself

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  • 🤫 5 Things AI can't do for founders

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  • 🐦 Tweets that'll make you laugh if you’re feeling low

🤫 5 Things AI Can't Do For Founders

💡 #1 Prank, Surprise or be Clever

Soren Iverson is full of wit. So is Trung Phan, Codie Sanchez and Eric Zhu.

There’s a human element that the best creatives write with that will be difficult for AI to imitate. At least for a while.

Remember you can automate a lot of things. But pranking, surprising or appealing to human wit is one of the few things that doesn’t make that list.

💡 #2 Building Community and Hosting Events:

AI can code, draft captions, and even design photos.

But building community happens face to face.

It’ll be interesting to see how startups keep a pulse on community building as AI surges but our spidey senses predict there will still need to be a human behind the execution of that.

Until then, keep at it.

💡 #3 Pounce on Timely Opportunities

Marlina above hustled her way into the front page of an HR trade publication.

She pounced on a timely opportunity that put her startup in the perfect spotlight.

I have yet to see an AI bot that can replicate that initiative and timely execution. Read her last update if you missed it.

*3 other things we’d add to the list (but don’t wanna write on b/c we’re rambling too long and know you wanna see some kick-ass startup ideas):

  • #4 Hiring and Firing Key Talent

  • #5 Reach Out and Close Critical Meetings

  • *Bonus: Spin-Up Memes Around Yesterday’s News

And look. At Team Kernal, we’re pro AI.

But we’re also pro-smart founder.

So with today’s deep dive, we wanted to remind you that AI will outsource a lot of things. But don’t forget some of your best opportunities may still be human-led and executed.

Now, the part we’ve allll been waiting for. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the startup ideas.

Fresh Startup Ideas 

Why we like it: Great early stage validation: 9 people would invest ($160K), 9 people would use it, 4 people would pay for it, 3 people would help build it

What it needs: experts and well-connected community builders in the care home environment.

Why we like it: strong buzz on the initial posting of the idea: 8 people would invest ($203K), 9 people would use it, 3 people would pay for it, 1 person’s down to help build it.

What it needs: alumni from Lyft or Uber to serve as advisors or mentors. Strong female leadership team. Diligent UI/UX manager.

One-liner: Swopify is a C2C online marketplace for fashion lovers and creatives. Our goal is to make swopping preowned luxury bags easy and to find a replacement for your old dusty designer bag that is hidden in the back of your closet.

Why it’s unique: already drummed up 8 comments, $100K+ of investor interest and some willing hands to guide the validation process of the business.

One liner: Anthony thinks it’s time to change the way we give feedback on an audio file

Why you should care: The music industry is worth over $25B and this will be a valuable problem to sort out.

🎲 Your Turn

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