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  • 🔖 11 Founder Finds to Bookmark for a KickAss 2024

🔖 11 Founder Finds to Bookmark for a KickAss 2024

Today's deep dive take less than 2:42 minutes to skim

Hey, this is Napkin Notes: the Disneyland of startup newsletters. People like Emily Ratajkowski open our content for a good time, then end up finding little pockets of magic around every corner.

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We’re keeping today short and spicy since Pue Research & Co tells us 74% of you are still on vacation with your kids and not deep into email yet.

And why work hard, when you can work smart? 🥃

So today’s outline will be:

  • 📰 Some Startup News

  • 🔗 11 Links to Design a KickAss 20224

  • 🖼 Visual of the Week

  • 😴 Back to your vacation/kids

Let’s get to it.

📰 Startup News: Carta said startup valuations are slowly getting better. Zuck sold half a billion in Meta stock in the last two months. Shield AI raised $300M at a $2.8B valuation. InCred raises $60M and enters unicorn status. Hard tech VC Countdown Capital shutting down. CB Insights got a new CEO. And here’s a thread of genius business ideas you can build in 2024.

  1. Sam Parr (Founder of the Hustle, Hampton and My First Million) always writes an “End of Year Review”. Check out his 2023 edition. It’ll give you ideas/frameworks for your founder journey.

  2. Sahil Bloom shared his 24 frameworks and hacks he thinks founders should implement in 2024

  3. Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer shared 8 bets for 2024

  4. Angela from Version One wrote about the top trends of 2023 her VC team saw

  5. Greg Isenberg’s founder advice to have a meaningful 2024

  6. A bulletproof 2024 planning guide

  7. How to build a “painted picture” vision for the year

  8. Free Lululemon-inspired goal setter 10-page PDF

  9. Steve Schlafman’s annual review template guide

  10. Free copy of Naval Ravikant’s e-book on frameworks for life

  11. Free copy of Biohacker Bryan Johnson’s health e-book

So there ya go. Some goodies to kick off your 2024.

Have at ‘er and let us know which one’s your favourite.

And if something from this last week has drummed up a startup idea in your head, you know the rules.

Heck, if you need a startup idea, build this one:

☕️ Our Goal Setting Guide for 2024

Need help to hit the ground running in 2024? Tap below. We’ve got tons of guides and e-books calling your name.

🖼 Visuals of the Week

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