$1.6M of investor interest in 2 hours

Wanna meet the startups that drummed it up?

Hey, this is Napkin Notes: the only startup newsletter that’ll hold your hand and send you great early-stage startups even when you double-book yourself and miss a killer demo day.

We’re all human, we all mess up. The more important thing is that we get back up and keep going.

Jokes aside, last Wednesday’s demo day was a real one.

Some Highlights from The Pitches:

  • Won the most votes from the audience for the “best pitch of the day”

  • Leveraged a promo code for 20% off and saw a couple dozen purchases from the audience watching

  • Won $3,000+ in prizes from sponsors

  • Generated $1M+ alone in investor interest during her pitch

If you’d rather watch the full 1 hour event, be our guest.

In fact, we even made a little Instagram highlight reel if you want a teaser.

And if you are a VC/Angel Investor who’d wanna be on our next panel, hit us with an email.

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P.S. If you are a founder / VC who wants to speak at our next demo day email [email protected] to shoot your shot

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