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🖼 The 16 Slide Pitch Deck That'll Make You Millions

And how you can leverage it for your next fundraise

Hey Founders,

☕️ Welcome back to our Friday newsletter: the milk to your Oreos, the Pam to your Jim, the training wheels to your Tour de France. We’re your go-to crew to help you scale your startup idea in public 🚀

📰 Latest news: Pope Francis got a new puffy jacket. Pepsi re-branded. Succession is back on your TV. Apple acquired WaveOne. Hubspot’s Founder bought the chat.com domain. Alibaba, the $250B tech giant, is splitting into 6 brands. The founder of Hustle Newsletter launched a new startup called Hampton. And April Fool’s Day is on Saturday. So keep your eyes peeled and don’t be outsmarted by the army of clever social media interns 😏

Enough tech talk, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of today.

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🍽 Today's Menu:

  • Shaan Puri’s magic pitch deck that’ll land you $$$

  • Fresh startup ideas to vote on

  • Top tweets of the week

🔒 Shaan Puri’s Perfect Pitch Deck

Readers, your boi Shaan Puri came in clutch.

If you haven’t heard of Shaan, he’s started 6 companies (sold 2), co-hosts the My First Million Podcast and has 350k followers on the bird app. In other words, he’s a trustworthy startup friend to meet for coffee.

Founders are always looking for ways to save time. One of the big areas we always get asked questions about is having the right pitch deck. Everyone’s making them these days. You need ‘em to:

  • raise money

  • win the hearts of investors

  • and look cool on shark tank to impress your Uncle Wayne

So quick pop quiz. Raise your hand if you’d want a free 16-page template you can use to secure millions in funding?

Lucky for you, Shaan made one here for free-99. Andddd, he hid 2 special things in it:

  • His direct email

  • A website to submit your deck to 10 other top angel investors

What are you waiting for? Grab it already. And reply to this email if it’s helpful. Then we’ll do more of these kinda things.

Now, the main course meal you’ve all been waiting for…

Freshest Startup Ideas on the Block 

Who’s the Founder? Marcin Pogroskewski is the Founder of Gentle Nudge, an Angel Investor at Good Morning Ventures (20 projects with a $1.5B+ valuation).

Why should I trust him? He built an 8-figure marketing agency in his 20s which he sold to a $10B media conglomerate. He then quit his earnout to move to Silicon Valley and get his MBA at Stanford. While at school, he invested $1M in his classmates’ projects, which… …made him $5,000,000 (~50% annual return).

Share feedback on his startup idea: Go check out Marcin’s startup idea and let him know if you like it, hate it, wanna help or wanna pay for his product. He’s publicly writing in his newsletter about how he wants to grow this to 1M ARR in public so follow along here if you wanna join the ride.

Problem: The billing, accounting, and payment process in logistics is extremely complex, manual, and prone to error.

Solution: Get full visibility across sales and logistics costs by integrating their sales channels (Shopify, FBA, Faire, etc) and their 3PLs WMSes (ShipBob, Logiwa, others)

Opportunity: DTC E-commerce is a fast-growing segment that is expected to continue rising as more companies adopt digital growth strategies. With this rise, more 3PLs are entering the space, both as transitioning incumbents or as tech-native organizations.

Watch a demo: check out this live demo of the startup idea MVP in action. It’s pretty powerful to watch.

Macro Trends: The cost of living in the US and major cities around the world is steadily increasing, making it difficult to live without a roommate to share expenses with. In the US, 1/3rd of all adults are living with roommates.

Customers: the 18 to 35-year-old demographic in the US (to start)

Solution: a transparent and simple way for millions of adults to find amazing roommates vs wasting hours upon hours in Facebook Groups and word-of-mouth attempts.

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